“working towards a better tomorrow, one day at a time.”

Better Days Foundation

We work to provide basic human needs to families enduring poverty throughout the Calgary Area
Why you should donate
Mood Boosting

The feeling of doing something useful for community will make a person happy and more fulfilled. It helps to achieve a sense of personal satisfaction. Therefore, giving to charity is a big mood – booster.

Healthy Calgary

After Covid 19, children are getting more diseases because their parents are not even able to provide food to them. This donation will help them to eat properly and make their heath better. Hence, it will help to make Calgary healthier.

Brightening School Learning

Some parents are not able to send their children to the school with basic school supplies. Your money will be used to provide those children the necessary school supplies. As a result, it will help the children in improving their grades, creativity, and attitudes towards learning.

Helping others, because life doesn't always go as planned.

At the Better Days Foundation, we understand that life can get difficult sometimes. Our mission is to create a fund to ensure that even when life gets tough, families will never have to worry about providing basic human needs for their children. Our dream is to live in a world where every child is sent to school with a healthy lunch, a warm winter jacket and all of the school supplies they will need to succeed.

No matter your religion, ethnicity, gender etc. we want to help! 

Come join us

We work with community leaders and schools to identify families in need and we provide relief by giving them food hampers and gift cards for school supplies or clothing.


We organize charitable donation events such as food & clothing drives and we will also be hosting fun, community building fundraisers.

Want to make a difference?

Help us raise money to combat poverty in Calgary.